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Second Pairings

As I mentioned, I was surprised Jarret wasn't ranked on any of the all star teams. He's got a decent AS record of 7, t-11, 14, and another year where he got a vote. Joe Watson has 11, 16, 16, and another year where he received a vote. Watson was named to the 3rd AS team here, 17th overall meaning people see him a slightly above average #2, so he should be a strong #3 and seventies said he saw him as a great #3, so I guess the fact that he was the ES ice time leader for the two Flyers cup winners and hefty penalty killer for strong PKs resonated with people. I guess AS voting back in the day didn't really work in his favor because the Flyers' defense was seen as a nondescript group that didn't have any studs, and Watson was a no-flash, no nonsense player.

That brings us to Driver and Letang. I don't see Driver as anything special here, and I don't think Letang is either. His AS record is 3, 6, 9, but taking that at face value is not a real indication of his play. I just checked on vecens saying Letang was a #2 on the 08-09 cup team, in the regular season he was #4 in average ES TOI, but Gonchar/Whitney were limited by injuries in the regular season, so he was #2 of guys that played a lot of games. But once playoffs rolled around, he was 4th in total TOI and 6th in ESTOI.

Letang's got three very good years offensively that Driver can't touch, but beyond that, his offense doesn't amount to much. In Letang's two best seasons, he missed a good amount of time so a comparison of adjusted points isn't fair straight up. Letang's adjusted PPG is .581 over 385 games(giving him 41 points for 12-13). Driver's is .476 over 922 games. In Driver's "best 398" games, his adjusted PPG is .555, a difference of just 2.6%, not including the longevity Driver has on top of that as a useful point producing defenseman. But, Letang's got an AS record(how much he deserved it is another thing), and Driver doesn't have one at all. I'll give Letang the advantage overall, but offensively they are not far apart, if at all.

I'm not sure how to call this. Our fellow GMs put Watson as the best defenseman of the 4 here. Letang is better than Driver, but how much? They're both here for their offense, which I just showed is very close.

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