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Originally Posted by Charon of Styx View Post
An O6 team would have been a much better choice, any O6 team should be included in the heritage classic. I'd rather the heritage be about the NHL's heritage than some Canadian thing. Not saying a non O6 can't host it but at the least the visiting team should be about the league's roots.
Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
The only people that care about original six teams are fans of an original six team. There's not much appeal there at all. What matters is relevancy today, and that means rivalries and powerhouses. Ottawa is neither, so it plays a factor in the lackluster draw.
O6 teams tend to have a larger fanbase outside the home market for the older demographic who had to cheer for a team (other than their own) if they lived outside one of the original six cities or they moved away from those cities (which tend to be among the largest, that's why they were the cities who were awarded the original teams in the first place).

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