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Originally Posted by SeanLafortune View Post
Im not sure the specifics, but there is a way to get out, hence the Ryan MacInnis move. I do believe there is a 15 day window to opt out without having to pay the fee, don't quote me thou.

Im not sure its a trend, they have signed Dvorak, Mermis, Braodhurst and Stolarz? Storlarz was undrafted after two OHL Drafts, that's on the rest of the league, they didn't give him the time of day. So was Dvorak to be honest, a top 80 talent who fell to the 8th round. Mermis was a top 40 guy who fell past the 10th round. We all know the Broadhurst connection. Look at the rate of return on guys past the 8th round (something less then 60 OHL games per pic, depth guys who can be replaceable), is ridiculous that top 40 guys are passed over for, at best, long shots. Its a flawed strategy.

Want to stop the Knights from getting top US players? Draft them before they do, Belleville did it, the Storm are starting to do it. You can lie back, complain and do nothing, or you can get aggressive and do something about it. Respect the teams like Guelph who don't take option 1.

That said, the core of the Knights, guys like Tierney, Horvat, the Ruperts, Anderson, Elie, Platzer et all where just smart picks. Anyone could have had them. Anderson went undrafted twice as well. Can't fault them for making intelligent selections that payed off.
I see your point sean, but I (maybe selfish thou) am saying we do select some very good US players, but just can't seem to get them here. Being a small market team, I think its surely a tougher sell, unlike the likes of London, Kitchener and Windsor.

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