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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I assume most of this thread will be devoted to pre-NHL players and non-NHL Europeans since they are the hardest to research.
Even with the research it's a hard call where to exactly slot these guys with limited and different information than comparing like to like guys, even from different eras, in the NHL.

I'd like to make room for one of the top 3 defensive centers of all time at least somewhere in my top 80; but have no idea to compare him to more offensively oriented players.
Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
Pretty tough to gauge whether or not his impact is greater than even fairly one dimensional offensive players.

The statistics available are almost useless for defense, and how effective a shutdown player is on the outcome of a game really depends on a lot on his coach vs. the opponent's.. home/away and his direct counterpart.

Much more so than an offensive player imo.
Comes down to a judgement call I guess, offensive stats are pretty much more straight forward and require, usually, less analysis to get an idea of how good a guy was to his peers.

My gut tells me there are too many good 2 way players and pure offensive guys to have guy in my top 80 but i haven't done my list and I guess he is one guy in the mix near the end I would think but that's just a guess.

Originally Posted by jigglysquishy View Post
I'm glad to see this really kicking.

I'm trying to get together my initial top 80 list and am having some difficulty finding data from pre-NHL and Soviet era players. I.e. scoring finishes, trophy shares, and all that fun jazz.

From all the reading I'm doing it seems like Joe Malone and Vladimir Petrov were quite dominant players in the NHA and Soviet league, respectively. Does anyone have any links to articles written at the time comparing them to their peers?
Indeed they were, the question is how to slot them in and give everyone a fair evaluation, tough choices ahead, especially over 13 decades and at least 2 strong ones for the non NHL guys from Europe.

Some eras are going to feel the squeeze I think.

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