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08-23-2013, 02:26 AM
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My thoughts on the VsX system, in brief:

- it is the best shorthand system we have for comparing player scoring across eras. It is rather easily better than comparing top-X finishes.

- it is not perfect, as it rests upon an assumption of equality (first non-outlier is equal across eras) which, like all non-tautological assumptions of equality, is necessarily false.

- it tells us a lot more about the relative scoring of the players lower down in the list than it tells us about the scoring of the guys at the top. The fact that the guys at the top of the list fall in such an intuitive relation to one another serves moreso to validate the methodology than to illuminate anything we didn't already know about their respective careers.

- there are still a lot of factors to consider when evaluating these players offensively, to say nothing of overall value. Non-NHL seasons (Stastny's Golden Stick), injury issues, offensive help from teammates, etc. - none of that is accounted for here. There is also no attempt made to numerically account for the effect of the war years on league and individual scoring, nor even an attempt to define what the boundaries of the war era really are. Wartime players are simply given an asterisk. There is also no accounting for differences in NHL assist tabulation in the pre-war era, when league goals typically outnumbered league assists.

- at any rate, these numbers provide a good rough outline of relative player performance across eras. They are not meant to be definitive.

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