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08-23-2013, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
Absolutely x100.

Killed momentum because our guys were flopping down to block the shots and they were gassed/dead by the time it was offense time.
So are all of our players to avoid blocking shots from now on?

Rangers do not have great skill at forward. So when we wind up around middle of the pack when it comes to goals scored it shouldn't be a big surprise. The 11-12 team I'd daresay (without looking at the stats) blocked more shots than the 12-13 team (on average or pro rate away). That team came within a point of winning the President's trophy for best regular season record and then went 20 games into the playoffs. Considering they got off to a rocky start--started in Europe with two games vs. the Kings and the Ducks and few if any of us thought it was going to be any more than a squeak into the playoffs teams that team was very successful.

Sometimes players get gassed because they're not in good enough shape. Last year with no training camp it was more on the players to get ready than on the coaching staff. We all had a good look at Mr. Richards who hardly ever blocks shots and ran around gassed all the time towards the end of the season. That guy should have been let go.

As far as this particular coaching group goes--what they find if it works--it works. If we score lots more goals then fine. If we have to (more than likely) depend on our defense more to win games--that's fine too as long as the team wins enough. I don't get too swept away with the goals scored. My concern is more that we score 1 more goal than the opposition in any given game. The players on this team are pretty much the same as last year's. AV does not have the Sedin's. We may score more goals but more than likely the styles of last year's team and this year's are going to be pretty close.

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