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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
I have never questioned the merits of Staal or Bergeron making the team, but nice try putting words in my mouth.

Again, where have I ever said this was a discussion of Bergeron and Spezza? And if I didn't, why are you turning it into one? This person I quoted didn't even have Bergeron or Staal on his 4th line, so where are you getting this from?

jfc64 had both on his team, ditto for 86HAbs and Le Habs, so I really have no clue where you're getting this idea from that I'm advocating removing Staal and Bergeron from the roster.
The reason why I said Staal/Bergeron was because they will most likely fill the role Canada needs on the fourth line. And Bergeron was on ManitobaOilers original roster, which started this whole conversation, so I think my argument was valid.

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