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08-23-2013, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think Vs-X is quite a bit better than Top X finishes in determining the quality of a player (as a scorer), so long as the player has played enough seasons to fully "fill out" your requirements of 7 or 10 seasons (there's no way you're convincing me Zetterberg is even close to Malkin offensively, let alone equal).
Yeah, how to handle players with career/peaks which do not meet the length criteria is a matter of some difficulty, and the specific rankings of active players who do not meet them yet (not so much Joe Thornton) are of questionable value. There is also the general question of how peak vs. longevity should be weighed. The weighting which informed the above lists gave relatively mild preference to peak performance. Some people, including you I think, will want to weigh peak more, others may place a greater value on longevity (wanting to weigh seasons past 7/10, for example). This is really a matter of taste.

As you know, I chose 7 seasons as the standard for the whole hockey universe because I think seven seasons was about an average length peak for the prewar guys, and I didn't want to disadvantage them in my analysis, and 10 seasons for post-expansion players because I think ten was about an average peak for this period. But these estimates are debatable, and are at any rate, wholly artificial breaking points.

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