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08-23-2013, 09:52 AM
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I've have been a fan of HDTV and I did spend a lot of times reading comments/articles about it.
Here are some facts:

- Few years ago, Plasma and LCD differentiate a lot. Each had its own strengths and weaknesses. But nowadays, each techno improves its weakness, so they resemble more and more. The burn-in is no longer an issue with the newest Plasma, while the lagging is no longer a problem with LCD or LED. Don't worry about the burn-in.

- I have the Plasma Pioneer bought in 2007, and it's true that the white (the ice surface) looks bit off. Back then, the white on LCD looked better. However, I'm not sure if Plasma has corrected this in recent year.

- The black on Plasma is much better than on the LCD. And most of the times, the black is generally more important than the white......but since we are a hockey fan, this may not be so true.

- If you want bright image, go with LCD/LED. If you want darker image (like cinema), then go with Plasma.

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