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08-23-2013, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
Well my weekly shinny game is falling apart because the guy who runs it is a *********.

Cost of ice is going up, so he is charging more; which is perfectly fine, except for the fact that he is now looking for money up front (i.e. before he books the ice for a few months), but still wants to dictate who can play and on which teams.

All of which is theoretically fine. Except for the fact that this guy hurts turn out because of the way he plays (and responds to people who reciprocate his style to him). Nobody wants to be on his team because he is a "KHL type" player, so of course he thinks this means the teams are unfair. Worse though (cause I never had to play with him), we had been getting great turn outs (five a side plus 2-3 subs each) until one day when he didn't like the new guy who wasn't going to let him walk around him (this guy who runs it I am pretty sure fancies himself Eric Lindros), so he threw a ***** fit, demanded the guy leave the ice, 3-4 other players immediately left as well, and we have basically been playing 3-on-3 ever since.

Point is, im not investing $200 for shinny just so somebody else can pick and choose who gets to play.

I need to find a proper league for the winter anyway. This shinny game was just meant to get my hockey feet back under me.
The guy sounds like an *******. Glad to read that three to four others left when he kicked the new guy out.

Are you in London? If you're in Toronto or close enough to play there, try the ASHL or the DMHL for a winter league spot. I think most teams would probably be set now but you can still find a spot if you contact the right people.

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