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Originally Posted by Miamipuck View Post
I inherited my Dad's business the first thing I did was fire 3 people, get rid of spousal health care, and chop a weeks vacation. You know what? They thanked me for it. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I make sure to pick someone out and yell at them for no reason other than it makes me feel good. My company has never been more profitable.

So, I agree, there's absolutely no correlation between treating your employees in a courteous and generous manner and increased worker production and satisfaction.
I imagine you suffer from tremendous attrition and spend a lot of time and money constantly recruiting and training new employees to fill in your ranks like a game of whack-a-mole. Treating employees like (god forbid I say it) humans, because after all that's what they are goes a long way. Just because you can get away with being unfavorable doesn't mean you should. If you continue your rampage don't be surprised if it bites you in the butt someday.

I helped one of my former bosses find a job when his business went under, he was one of the nicest softest spoken and generous owners I've known. Conversely when I was asked to return to an old position because my former not-so-nice-guy boss couldn't find a worker who was as professional and punctual as me, I told him thanks but no thanks.

Look at the correlation between workplace morale and productivity. It's not an inverse proportion.

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