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Originally Posted by JackieChan View Post
Hey guys,
I'm about to pick up a 50"St60 Panasonic plasma before the season starts, but am a bit concerned about scoreboards and news tickers potentially creating image retention on the tv.

Has anybody experienced significant IR on a similar panel after watching hockey?

I'd also consider an LED-LCD if I could find one that performs close to the st60 for a similar price (1300$), but in this price range, everybody's raving about the Panny, and no led's seem to stand out from the pack. Also, led-lcds are known to have a hard time with fast moving content compared to plasmas in general.

Any thoughts? What are you guys watching hockey on?
Burn in is almost an urban myth with Plasma. Before I purchased my plasma I did a lot of reading on it, it's possible with the very early plasmas but you would really have to work at it to make it happen (keep CNN ticker on for like 6 months without turning your TV off) . The TV's of the last decade have better phosphors and anti-retention technology built in that moves pixels around undetected to the naked eye.

Plasma is awesome, don't worry.

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