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It's all relative.

Plasma's have hi heat retention and tend to have shorter life span. They also may "burn" causing ghosting with images that are not refreshed. For example game menu's or score menu's. Plasma's are also notrious for being horrible in natural lighting. If you have a lot of windows, do yourself a favor and avoid it.

Your TV can be spec'd out, but the truth you will only ever be as good as your input. All HDTV in north america is broadcast at the same rate (1080p | 60 Hz refresh rate). So watching sports will only be that good until 4K broadcasting happens a little down the pike.

Industry is moving away from this with manufacturers cutting down on the amount of plasma TV's currently being made. With 4K down the pike and oLED and LED TV's seeing a major price drop next quarter, I would recommend that as the smartest option.

The look great and consume a lot less power.

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