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08-23-2013, 09:09 AM
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Plasmas will have a duller ice surface.

A cheaper plasma will look better than a cheaper LED.

Soap opera effect can be eliminated by the correct settings, smooth, motionflow whatever the manufacturer calls it.

Motion should not be a problem on higher end LED's.

However, plasmas do suffer from image retention despite what the manufacturers say. It can vary from model to model.

Burn in and image retention are 2 different things.

Burn in is permanent, this is virtually eliminated now.

Image retention is non-permanent and can be eliminated by various techniques plasma's have such as a pixel washer or by just watching different content for a few hours. This is still prevalent on a lot of plasma's.

Pro's - Plasma will have a more natural picture, better contrast, usually better for fast movement.

Cons- LED will have a brighter , crisper picture, possible image retention om plasma.

I was considering a plasma but thought, do I really want to babysit my set to prevent possible retention or just watch and enjoy?

For more info go to AVS forum.

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