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Originally Posted by Keep Your Head Up View Post
Plasma TVs excel at one thing : and that is watching sports/fast action stuff.

They have a crazy high frame refresh rate(600hz and the like) so no judder, no lag, no blurriness of players during fast action moments, wich in hockey is ALL of the time. And this is why they do fine in that role.

Of course, a quality LED tv is amazeballs but it costs a lot more(and I stress QUALITY here, because a cheap one will be very disappointing, even if LED is a good technology).
I have a Sony XBR 32 inch wall mounted in my "man cave" and this is the most amazing TV ever. It is an LED backlit LCD with 1080P and has 120HZ refresh rate with what Sony calls Motionflow and uses the BE2 engine. It was about the only 32 inch TV that used that refresh rate which is double over most 32 inches while still having the 1080 pixel set. It also is the best at handling pixel filling for older movies and as such so there is no "old movie blotchy blur". Yes it was expensive, the original price was $1,399 at the Sony store in 2009 which is very pricey for a 32 inch TV, but I did get it on sale for $1,099.

When people see it for sports they are blown away amazed, the picture is outstanding for sports. It's like watching sports on blue ray. I absolutely love my TV.

The problem is you can't get it in that size anymore. When I went to get another, the guy at the Sony store says they don't make them like that for 32 inch anymore since there is little market for them and they don't have anything new equivalent to replace them.

However, now the best (before OLED) is still to go and get an LED backlit or edgelit LCD TV, the high end ones compete with and exceed any plasma. Assuming money is not an object, get the best TV out there since you will be disappointed if you don't. Considering how long they last and how often you watch sports, adding the difference of money from going to the Bell Center a few times and you will be glad you did.

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