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11-09-2006, 05:57 PM
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The "I'd assume you want to dry it out" was the sarcasm there...

And I read about it yes...and did it to my gloves. Granted didn't go all out on my goalie gloves that I bought used. Didn't pour it, I sorta splashed it would be more of the word. But still, not so clean water dripping off is a sign that it isn't exactly clean. I've done it with my player gloves though all the way. Dunked it in and out, no problem whatsoever except for dry palms which baseball glove cream fixed.

And on the freezing-- freezing bacteria only stunts the growth and reproduction so once you take it out they sorta start growing again. But if it worked...hey, why not. Just worried about the leather getting crackly and stuff.

I'll add, if it's still warm out and sunny, try taking the gloves out to the deck and air them out. The sun and the UV will help a little with the smell.

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