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08-23-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by SeanLafortune View Post
The Knights miss out on more players then they sign, I bet it's a 4-1 ratio on hits and misses with US players. The Bulls do draft the odd US player, but the commitment isn't at the sane level. The Knights are relentless with recruiting and staying in contact with potential recruits, I'm not sure that can be said about all teams.

How did the McCarron trade work out for you? Turning a 6th round pick into 3 2nds? If I'm running an OHL team, I want more US draft picks on my reserve list, make the Knights pay with assets as opposed to simply backing off and shrugging your shoulders.

The US/London debate reminds me of a player who gets punched on the face in a scrum. You can look to the ref, complaining while you continue to get punched, or you can punch back. We all know how fans hate players who don't stick up for themselves. It's good to see teams like Guelph and Belleville not simply complaining to the 'ref' and starting to punch back. It's not as hard as you think.
You're 100% correct!
The Kitcheners and Londons want to thank the other teams for not drafting the higher end kids......and fans keep wondering about the discrepancy in the league???
Draft them and if they don't want to report to your them to a city they will report to and recoup that position if not higher x 2!

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