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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
We can go back and forth on this, and plenty of us have throughout the offseason.

But, "he refused to try something else" is a simplistic answer not really rooted in reality. Massive roster turnover, shortened season, and a team that actually played much better after Sather decided to actually replenish some depth at the deadline. You act as if "trying something else" is just a switch that can be turned at a moment's notice.

Boston is just a better/deeper team. Why is that so hard to admit?

I don't think "trying something else" has to be restricted to X's and O's. Torts was largely canned because he was unwilling (or unable) to change his behavior while he coached here (and obviously, because the team's success did not meet/exceed the success from 2011-12 and the semi-finals run). If the Rangers made the Conference finals again, or reached the cup finals, i think its unlikely the Rangers would have fired him. A disappointing season, which was not all Tort's fault due to a "upgraded" but essentially retooled and gutted roster, forced a reevaluation of a longstanding issue regarding Torts overall strategy including X's and Os AND his demeanor on the bench, in the dressing room, and in front of the media.

While we can't know for sure (at least for now) what happened, Torts intentionally or not, made himself into the abrasive, larger-than-life face of this franchise.

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