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01-12-2004, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824
I'd do it if I were the Kings. Now what the Kings get back, I don't know. I don't know enough about deep draft's, or prospects, or what the Kings want to do to say for sure. But obviously it wouldn't be cheap.

At this point with the Kings, I think it needs to be done. I love Norstrom on the Kings, but look at the team. Everything the Kings were trying to do is gone.

The Kings were built around 3 players. All of them are seriously hurt, and all their contract's expire at the end of this season. Deadmarsh is probably done, Allison might be done, and Palffy is gone until whenever the NHL figures out the CBA problem.

It started last year. If last year didn't happen the way it did, the Kings don't trade Smolinski and Schneider. But they got young players and picks for them, and that was a smart move. If I were the Kings, I would've traded Palffy last year, but since nobody knew whether Allison or Deadmarsh would return this year, they had to keep some of the players around just in case they did. It turns out their injuries are possibly career ending injuries, so again, everything the Kings were building around crumbled in less than a year.

It's time to move anyone over 30 that can bring something back. Norstrom could bring the most in return. When/If Miller and Straka get back, they could be worth something. Even a Laperriere, Robitaille, or Klatt could be worth something if a team needed some kind of veteran play in the playoffs.

Hopefully Brown and Grebeshkov will get back from their injuries soon, and they can get back into the lineup. Make the Kings Frolov's team, let them make mistakes, and go from there. Because the team the Kings thought they could've had is gone.
so let's say, hypothetically, that the kings trade norstrom, and get a return, as andora suggested, about equal, if not a little more, than mathieu schneider, but consisting, as with the schneider trade, of basically picks and prospects. like i said earlier, if norstrom leaves and the kings go into full rebuild mode, then we can assume palffy will leave, and probably for basically nothing.

what then? the young players like frolov, cammalleri, gleason, grebeshkov, visnovsky, aulin, avery, et al, would come up and have the team handed to them. if you think the kings are in trouble now, they wouldn't win 20 games without norstrom and palffy. i can hardly think of a worse situation into which young players should be thrust. the kids would learn a ton - about getting demolished on a nightly basis. in addition, los angeles hockey fans, already fickle and pissed off about things like last summer's "promise to aquire another top-six" that didn't come true (or at least wasn't percieved as such), would drop the kings like a bad habit.

i think that it is absolutely vital to keep both palffy and norstrom in los angeles for the forseeable future. the kings MUST stay competetive, at least enough to beat the ducks and vie for a playoff spot, because if they don't, then you have the fabulous situation of young players toiling through the season with the team on their backs while they get shelled every night. furthermore, the kings organization has worked hard to bring fans back to games since the mid-90's doldrums. last saturday, they sold out a game against cbj, with martin straka and matty norstrom their only marquee players (straka was, naturally injured during the game). if management loses its best players and actively pushes this team into the tank, then i think we can be pretty assured that cbj won't be bringing the full 18000 to staples.

now, i'm not saying that the kings are going to make it this season, and that they're a sniff away from powerhouse status. obviously they're not. however, you probably aren't going to get much for the likes of klatt (a GREAT aquisition who should be kept), robitaille, lapperiere, modry et cetera. obviously, some deadline deals should be made, but i think that the kings at the beginning of the season, even without allison and deadmarsh, could contend for a playoff spot, and they will continue to get better as kids are brought into an organization that has leaders, veterans, and occassionally wins and makes the playoffs. finally, its not as though the farm looks like dustbowl-era nebraska and there is no hope for the future.

bottom line to me is that it just doesn't make sense for the kings to trade norstrom.

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