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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Holy sweet mother of ****ing hell I hate Comcast. I switched to DirecTV about two years ago because I just couldn't deal with the incredible amount of ******** that Comcast was feeding me. I was able to deal with slower internet speeds with Verizon DSL and without getting the Phillies (the Flyers, for some reason, were not blacked out on Center Ice, but the Phillies were blacked out on Extra Innings). Well DirecTV just upped their prices and I really missed watching the Phillies on a daily basis, so I decided to switch to Comcast becuase there were good offers going on. I set up an appointment for today, and they don't show until an hour after the appoint window. They finally get there and tell me they have to come back because my house was disconnected from the pole (something I told them when I signed up and they said the tech would be able to handle). On top of that, I was told that the Comcast approved modem (which I bought through a link provided on their website) is not compatible with the equipment so I have to return it and get a different one (from the same website) or lease one from them. Then I got an email from Comcast talking about my changed appointment, and noticed that not only was the price higher than I was originally told, it also doesn't include the channels that I specifically asked for (Showtime and the sports package, which the person I ordered it from told me were included for free for the full two year contract).

How the ****ing **** does a company that is this incompetent still exist? I cannot express my hatred for this ****ing company enough. It is unbelievable. Luckily the last time I dealt with these *******s and they tried screw me over, I filed a complaint with the FCC and the NJ Board of Public Utilities and viola, I got a response from a corporate representative and everything was fixed. I plan on calling the same person after everything is all set up (hopefully) on Sunday.
Yup, Comcast most definitely does suck. Spent two plus hours talking to them on the phone this past weekend. Kept getting tossed back and forth between people when all I was doing was trying to get the boxes activated and it wasn't working. At one point one lady said that she never heard of the error that was on the screen before. It was the most common error that comes up on Comcast. Literally thousands of responses when you look it up on Google. And later a person told me they couldn't help me because my box said it was midnight, when in reality it was like 9 and it only said 12:00 because it wasn't activated. I eventually gave up.

In regards to the tech showing up late. One time I had an appointment for 3PM and I woke up to the tech being in my room (that's where the modem is) because my housemate let him in after he was banging on the door. This was at 5:30 in the morning. The tech texted me asking if it was ok for him to come early. I'm like what the ****? 3PM does not equal 5:30AM. This was after I set up an appointment the day before telling them specifically to call my housemates number because i'd be in work. They didn't call either of us. I'm 100% sure that they had the right number too. So I called them still during the time window when they were supposed to come and ask what the story was. They said they didn't get a response from us so the tech skipped over our house. I told them well you didn't call me or anyone and they said well he can't come back now. Mean while 2 1/2 hours were left in my window of what time they said he'd be there.


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