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Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post
It's not even about socks matching sweaters or having the same blocker / glove set as your pads. It's about the fact that expy went out of his way to get Carey Price themed Simmons pads and gloves, Montreal pants, shirt, and mask. And I believe expy also holds his glove the same way as Carey Price.

It's a little much, lol.

My glove and blocker are just Montreal colored, they don't match any of Carey Price's blocker or glove designs. The pads, as I stated earlier, only came in two designs, the price graphic, or the simmons graphic (which I didn't like), so it wasn't about copying Price, but about taking what I liked best. Also, pro level gear at half the price (no pun intended).

And jfyi, like I said in my other post, I bought an itech 960 because I wanted one (heck Price doesn't even wear a 960, I would've gotten a 9601 if I wanted to copy him). I have another helmet which I won off a contest, yet I still themed it after the Habs... because I wanted to

P.S. you'd be surprised how many goaltenders play fingers-up glove style.

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