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Originally Posted by HiEverybody View Post
Started playing ice a few months ago in a rookie league. People started complaining because I was faster than most skaters, so I got moved up to the Bronze league against my wishes. First game I line up against a guy who plays Junior a Bronze league. Next game, similar story, but it's a player who also plays (and racks up points) in the Gold league at the SAME rink...

Ever since I joined this new league, I pretty much touch the puck once or twice a game, and the rest of the time I'm chasing around someone who way out-classes me. Apparently the rationale is "every team has a ringer, so it's OK." The other reason I hear a lot is "this rink doesn't have a Silver league, so the Silver level players sign up for Bronze instead of stepping up in Gold." Needless to say, this will be my first and last season at this rink....
you're not in/near Chicago by any chance are you?

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