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Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
Can you further explain the bottom 4?

The charts view the average expected goal, shot, Fenwick, and Corsi differential from the opposition when the player was on ice. Fenwick = shots on goal + missed shots. Corsi = Fenwick + blocked shots. I.E. Corsi measures all shot attempts. Fenwick excludes blocked shots since blocking shots can be considered a skill. Fenwick and Corsi correlates so closely to puck possession that people have given up measuring it (possession).

HA keeps extensive With Or Without You (WOWY) and Against You Or Not Against You (AYONAY) charts. The latter can be used to aggregate how the players you faced fared when not playing against you, ensuring that their head to head performances isn't mucking up the data.

They are also really fun to see how different players mesh with each other, and how players matched up against each other. From the top of my head, Stepan owned Giroux and Tavares the past season.

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