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01-13-2004, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by DutchLeafsfan
While Norstrom is a very valuable player and is obviously important to the Kings, I would not do this from a Leafs PoV. Too much future to give up, and IMO a case of overpayment. (Although that would probably needed to get him out of LA). Trading McCabe for Norstrom kind of defeats the purpose of adding another defenseman to the blueline...
Originally Posted by andora
silly idea. norstrom would be a beauty acquisition, and would instantly become toronto's number one.. but, toronto is not in a position to deal for him, or anyone of his calibre/value combo. toronto cannot afford to give away more youth, top end youth (the little that we have) and cannot afford to give up the roster players..

norstrom is a pipe dream only, unless toronto wants to make another bad long term trade.. atleast imo

two excellent posts. now i would just like to add one thing. the kings are down but not out. i'm not quite sure they are looking to go back into rebuilding just yet. trading norstrom would indicate they were doing so. i see it as a far far chance of us doing so. but it is fun to discuss

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