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Originally Posted by leftwinger37 View Post
Hockey Tough by Dr. Saul Miller has the answers to all of your problems.

Dr. Miller should start seriously start giving me a commission...

You're focusing too much on what you are doing wrong. The only way you can turn things around is by focusing on what you are doing right; no matter how little those things may seem.

This thread has a lot of applicable information. It's geared toward scoring slumps but can be applied to any kind of slump, really.
I second that book suggestion, it is even on my desk right now

I had/have the same problem, but I'm starting to get it under control. The chapters on power-thoughts, breathing (and "directing energy") to shift focus and getting into the right frame of mind (difference between intro- and extroverts) really helped a lot. For me working hard each and every shift is essential, but beating myself up doesn't help neither in the situation nor in general. Acknowledge what went wrong but stop dwelling on it, don't think about the last shift always look towards the next shift. Clear your head, leave personal problems outside the rink, and do what you came for: give it your best and enjoy your time on the ice, and thats how you get out of a slump (or at least how I started to get out of mine - a little better each week).

And if after you "fixed" yourself re-evaluate your situation, if you still can't find a way to work with your current team/line then look at other options.

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