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Savard, Goloubef & Waivers

I'm still a bit confused about Savard & Goloubef and waivers. I'm not sure they are subject to them. I've been reading the CBA and here is what (I think) it says:

For purposes of this Article, "age 18" means a Player reaching his eighteenth
birthday between January 1 next preceding the Entry Draft and September 15
next following the Entry Draft, both dates included; "age 19" means a Player
reaching his nineteenth birthday in the calendar year of the Entry Draft;

Savard was drafted in 2009 and didn't sign an ELC until 2010 (before his 20th birthday) so the way I read it he is considered to be a 19 yr old for waiver purposes because his birthday is October 10, 1990.

The CBA goes on to say that a 19 yr old is exempt for 4 years or until 160 games are played (I think whichever comes first although I couldn't see that specifically written)

It then says that whenever a 19 yr old plays more than 11 NHL games in a season his exemption period starts and is reduced to 3 yrs. And the following 2 seasons are years 2 & 3 regardless if he plays in the NHL or not.

Savard's first NHL season was 2011-2012 when he played 31 games.

The way I read it his next two exempt from waiver years are 2012-2013 & 2013-2014.

So to me he is not subject to waivers until after this upcoming season.

Goloubef was also drafted as a 19 yr old; didn't sign until 2010 and still hasn't played 11 games in a season. I think he is still okay too.

This is all a bit confusing and I'm not an attorney but I think this is what the CBA says.

I just double checked this on CapGeek and it says he has one year of exemption left. if you want to double check just make sure you check NO about whether he played any games in 2010-11 after signing his contract. CapGeek however considers his playing AHL in 2010 as a year off his exemption. I don't see in the CBA that this is right. I sent them an email for clarification.

Where is this wrong? Inquiring and hopeful minds want to know.

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