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08-24-2013, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Danglous View Post
We knock out our arch rivals last week despite the usual terrible corrupt refs. Championship game the fat **** from the team we just knocked out comes out wearing stripes. The GOON that was hacking our goalie in the face and throat the very last game shows up to ref the game and collect our money. I couldnt believe it. Thanks to him there were a bunch of blatantly terrible calls, non-calls, and a goal that didnt count for some reason. We lost in OT after another terrible call.

Never playing there again. I should have just beat the **** out of him but instead i squirted my water bottle in his fat face after the game

**** 'em.
That's a strange setup there. I know locally here, anyone who referees or is a league official can't play for that very reason. Rink employees are allowed to, but most don't because of the possibility of a job/recreation conflict.

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