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Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
Lol you're telling him to quit hockey because he's frustrated that he's on a team that is terrible, getting blown out and he feels he can't do anything to change that?

I've been in that spot before, and it sucks. It sucks to chase the puck for 60 minutes each game while touching it like 2-3 times and having nobody being open when you do get it, and I've had that for an entire season. It's a terrible feeling because it makes it hard to play the game you love.
Been there, done that. I've spent multiple seasons on teams that can't seem to get it together and yet because of the way the system is set up, there is little that I can personally do to change the outcome. It gets soooooooo frustrating to play when you have the cards stacked against you. On a single game basis, you can deal with it - but when it's for an entire season, it just gets more painful each game that you play.

I would take this break between seasons to regroup. take a break from the ice, and think about what you can do next season to change. Do you enjoy being with the people on your team? Is their focus on having fun, or winning games? If your goal and theirs is different, perhaps a change in teams would help. If you stick with the same team, what can be changed within the team - maybe different lines or trying a different position for even just a single game could help.

I was feeling down this past season due to some things that really weren't within my power to change. Similar situation - we just couldn't get it together, and there were other things that made us unlikely to win much. We shook things up a bit figuring it couldn't hurt, we were already losing every game - and we ended up actually beating a team that had gone undefeated all season - with a shutout! After that, it didn't really matter what else happened because we had done something we didn't really think possible. Now there are some interesting things going on in that league and I'm again looking forward to the new season.

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