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01-13-2004, 04:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Bob Clarke Fan Club
I hope you're being sarcastic, why would the Aves want Hackett? Why in the name of God would "anyone," want Hackett?
I'd definately take a chance on him for that. You'd have to pinch me afterwards though.

I also find it interesting that the trade return for Hackett is higher than what Phoenix in theory would receive for Burke. Of course that depends on your view on Skoula.

If Phoenix fans were truly asking for equivalent value to what Burke means to their team they would not receive it. That being said they will get a compensatory pick for Burke if they decide to let him walk at season's end. That compensatory pick will likely fall as a second rounder. That should be the absolute minimum value that Phoenix receives in any deal. Hell, they received a third round pick for Brad May, certainly they should expect more for their MVP and best goalie in franhise history.

I think Barnett and co. have done the right thing by handing onto Burke. They sit at mid-season right in the middle of a playoff hunt, they have had standing room only crowds in their new arena, they have a chance to win each and every night. Why should they make a change? Why should they deal Burke at all if they don't get any assets back that they find worthwhile?

Regardless of what one deems as good enough of a return, Phoenix doesn't have to make a deal unless they want to because let's face it there is going to be at least one team disappointed in their goalie after the playoffs. Someone is going to want Burke even if their is a lockout. Heck, Phoenix may even still want him if he offers them a chance to win each and every night. No downside for Phoenix. The money situation isn't the problem it once was.

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