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08-25-2013, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by leeaf83 View Post
I've seen it happen at low levels; teams losing one player started griping at his teammates, one takes exception.

I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Subban involved in such a thing given his antics in the playoff final game especially if he had a guy like Emery on his team.
Goodness gracious... people need to learn about Subban before spewing such ridiculous crap. I have co-workers who are angry at me, even though I'm easily one of the best employees at my job. Want to know why? Because I get annoyed by the fact that they do not work hard; i.e. taking 10 minute smoke breaks every hour or just sitting down/avoiding work while I work hard to make up for them. As such, I've had minor confrontations with co-workers. Does this mean I'm a bad employee? Hell no. I've had two jobs in my life, and I've been one of the best employees that my management has ever had (according to both sets of management). That does not mean I'm not well liked though. The same goes for Subban. He's not a problem in the slightest. He's a great leader, however much people who just parrot others' opinions that he's locker room cancer.

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