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08-25-2013, 11:21 AM
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Update to my Comcast Hell:

They show up this morning and install everything. Was told I was getting whole home DVR from Comcast when I signed up (which I thought didn't exist). They get here and the guy has one box called an X1, one DVRs and three HD boxes. The X1, I am told by the guy, is the whole home DVR, only in this area (south jersey pine barrens) it doesn't work so he isn't sure why I wanted it. He tells me forget about it, just use the one DVR and call and ask for another one later for my other room. So he brings in all these boxes and I explain I only have three TVs, not five. He looks confused and looks at the work order and makes sure it is the right house. It is and he sets up the TVs. Then the internet.

Then gets ready to leave. I ask about the phone and he says what phone, you didn't order a Triple Play. So I get out my receipt from when I ordered, an email confirmation, and the ticket from the guy that showed up late Friday who couldn't install it that all say I got the Triple Play. So he has to call Comcast and they say I don't have it and go back and forth until he sets it up because I clearly ordered it.

So he leaves. I turn on the TV, and I don't have Showtime or the Sports and Entertainment Package, which I specifically asked for. Then about ten minutes later my alarm system starts going off because he didn't hook up my phone to my previously installed alarm system. So I call up and he'll be back between 2 and 6 tonight. This company is truly ****ing amazing.

1) How in holy sweet mother ****ing ******* hell can you get an order so wrong, even when I have several confirmations?

2) Why is there a product (the X1 box) that you are offering and charging people for, that doesn't work in my area? The guy said "I can give you the box, but you won't get whole home DVR and you won't be able to pull up the can just go up and down the channels and get On Demand." ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME?!

I feel like I am making all this stuff up because it is so ****ing insanely out of control ridiculous.

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