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08-25-2013, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by BTW8892 View Post
Too bad there is a catch to this that he didn't mention. Not only do you have to purchase tickets to the Stadium Series, but you also have purchase his seats for two regular season games. Not to mention, the games that he is selling are games you can find on StubHub for under face value.

Just a fair warning to anyone.
To clarify my previous post I laid out all the details in a subsequent post telling people they had to purchase specific regular season games at face value. If you do the math and purchase the Stadium Series game at face value and 2 regular season games at face value you are coming out ahead.
Even if as you say you could buy the regular season games on Stubhub for less than face value it would still be a good deal. You do the math.

I guess you were expecting to buy the Stadium Series seats at face value.

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