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08-25-2013, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
2 or 3 years ago Richmond got nailed by its annual tropical storm/hurricane. Comcast lost cable and internet in the area for 2 ****ing weeks. My mother had switched to exclusively online payments for bills, and they were all due. She spent an hour on hold, waiting, wanting only to hear an estimate on when they expected repairs to be completed. Finally, she gets a rep...who promptly hangs up on her. I got the call at 10am, right as the Verizon store was opening, asking for what smart phone she needed to get. Her math had shown the cost of late fees on the bills would have been equal to something like 3 month of a data plan, so she decided to end her long embargo on smart phones.

The cherry on top was when she got the monthly bill and they had not only charged her the full amount for that month (after hanging up on her and missing weeks of service), they charged a reconnection fee for fixing the cable and internet. My sister tells me this launched a multi-day blood feud on the phone and in stores which was hilarious to behold, and which resulted in them getting more sports channels for free in the end; likely to make my mom go away.

So, if you're enough of an ******* (like my mom and girlfriend were), eventually Comcast will bribe you to stop calling them.
Oh yeah. Last time this happened I filed a complaint with the FCC and the NJ Board of Public Utilities. I got a phone call from an "Executive Account Specialist" the next day. Fixed everything without a problem (shocking, right?). I kept her direct dial number and will be calling her first thing in the morning to let her know what is going on or another FCC/BPU complaint will be forthcoming.

Also, I have been on hold for ten minutes (at least) trying to get my On Demand to work. It was giving me an error code so I called up and told the lady what the code was. She said she didn't know what that code meant but I restarted the box and that fixed it...except now it is saying I don't have a subscription to HBO so I can't watch HBO On Demand...even though I have a subscription and am currently watching HBO.

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