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08-25-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by AZflyingPuck View Post
Dbacks - Looks doubtful that they will make the playoffs.
Cards - If last night's performance is an indicator, they will be sucking again.
Suns - No idea. Haven't heard anything good for a few years. I'd be hard pressed to name a player on the team.
Mercury - You'd rather find $5 than have the Mercury get into the WNBA playoffs
Rattlers - Champs, but in a sport that gets less press than the Mercury. MOD: OFFENSIVE

So the Coyotes should have a chance to own the sports page in this town if they can get back to the playoffs. Once their season starts, the Dbacks will be done and the the Cards will be mired in their usual suckitude. Should be interesting.
you failed to mention high school football and nascar, both of which get more coverage in the paper and tv... as far as the cards and suns, the local sports media will have more coverage about how bad the teams or their owners are before they mention the Coyotes being good.

the Coyotes will never get any regular sports coverage except playoff time.

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