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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
thanks for that. i'll be there in a couple of weeks i think and will make use of it. i go to ny often and used to try to cheap out by saving my museum visits for every 5th trip or so and then buying a city pass and packing in a bunch of museums into a couple of non-work days (not to mention the Circle Line, i'm sorry but that one never gets old for me - i've also done the *full island* trip, i think it's 3 hrs or something an embarrassing number of times). then didn't bother and just started paying the full price for the museums.

as far as the Museum of Natural History - I am obsessively in love with museums/art galleries (and am a proud supporter of the AGO and ROM in Toronto - visit them soon!)...but the Museum of Natural History has got to be one of my favourite on the's the first museum I actually recall visiting - when i was about 5 my dad took me there and I was fascinated by the Dioramas...they were unbelievable to me!

Even now, as much as i love all the museums and galleries in NY, there's nothing I love more than taking a quite moment and wandering around the dioramas...they never get old. ever.
I was never much into the animal dioramas. Our family had memberships to the Bronx Zoo, and I'd rather go see the live animals there than the ones Teddy Roosevelt shot a hundred years ago. However, I loved everything else at the AMNH.

Go up to the fourth floor for the fossil halls, but make sure you start at the orientation center and go clockwise through all the fossils in chronological order and don't just skip ahead to the big dinosaurs. Don't be afraid to ask staff questions. Other personal faves include the Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples (pretty unique), the Hall of Asian Peoples, Mexico and Central America (Giant Olmec Heads!), the Hall of Planet Earth in the Rose Space Center, the Hall of Ocean Life (Giant Blue Whale!) the Hall of Minerals and Gems (Shiny!), and Northwest Coast Indians (Giant Totem Poles!).

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