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11-10-2006, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by combine81
Many thanks, combine81. That link is most helpful.

I am, however, having a little trouble deciphering some of the statistics shown there. Please help me work my way through this, and correct any errors I've made.

Here's a copy of Barulin's stat line as of 9:34 AM Central Time on November 10, 2006:

№ Вратари И Ис Г А О Ш Шп Мин сек Кн "0" Ип В Н П
57 Барулин Константин 12 6 0 0 0 4 15 515 3 1,75 0 5 3 1 1

"Г А О Ш" are Goals, Assists, Points and Penalty Minutes, respectively. Barulin has no goals, no assists, no points, and 4 penalty minutes.

I've figured out that "Мин сек" is Minutes/Seconds, so Barulin has played 515:03. That, divided by 60 minutes, is a base number of 8.58 games played. So I'm assuming that "И" equals Games Played In, which would be 12, and "Ис" equals Games Started, which would be 6.

"Шп" is Goals Against, which is 15. 15/8.58 = 1,75, so "Кн" is the Goals-Against Average. "0" would seem to mean Shutouts, and there's no number in that column at your linked site, so my assumption is that Barulin has no shutouts for Khimik.

"Ип В Н П" are, I'm assuming, Wins, Losses, Ties and Overtime Losses, respectively. If this assumption is correct, Barulin has 5 wins, 3 losses, a tie, and an overtime loss.

While looking for context, I went to The most recent info there shows that Barulin had played three games (129:05), and allowed four goals for a GAA of 1.86 and a save percentage of 92.59. Working back from the save percentage and goals against, I calculated that Barulin had faced 54 shots and stopped 50 of them (50/54 = .9259 ) at that time.

129:05/60 = 2.15. 54/2.15 = 24.186 shots against per 60 minutes played in the three games show on Barulin's stat line.

Assuming that number remained fairly constant, I would expect to see somewhere in Barulin's Cyrillic stat line a number somewhere around 207 (24.186 shots against per 60 minutes played times 8.58), to represent the shots against. I didn't see that, so my assumption is that the Cyrillic stat line does not include a Shots Against or Saves statistic. Is there any place where that information can be obtained?

Thanks for reviewing this, and for any other help you can offer.


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