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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
It is generally said a good top-6 player should average at least 1.8 P/60.
Last season among forwards who played in at least 20 games

1.8 P/60 ranked the player 131st = Doan

1.65 P/60 ranked the player 160th = Callahan

5 on 5
Doan had ~725 minutes, 24 pts =.0331 pts per 5 on 5 minute

Callahan had ~708 minutes, 20 pts = .0282 pts per 5 on 5 minute

If they both played the average minutes between them = 716
Doan 23.69 pts
Callahan 20.19 pts

So Doan as a 23-24 point scorer 5 on 5 is a good top 6 forward but Callahan as a 20-21 point player is not?

Lets say its a full season 1200 minutes 5 on 5
Doan 39.72 pts
Callahan 33.84 pts

~6 points differential, does 6 even strength points over a full season really put one player in the "good" category while putting the other in the less than good over a full season?

Do not mean to say I do not like your chart, I think it's pretty cool, just don't know if the small range between the players in terms of points per 60 is really that big of a deal.

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