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08-26-2013, 10:27 AM
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I am glad we decided to keep Brad Richards. Truly. There was obvious reasons to his poor performance last year and I said it multiple times on here last season. His conditioning was poor, and how he treats his body (especially at his age) is no way to expect anything productive to come out of it.

Look at the best athletes and how they go through their off-season. Their productivity in the season starts from improving your game in the off-season. Look at any of the top athletes in any sport especially hockey. The best players are the guys who take their off-seasons seriously. And yea, maybe you see those guys like Richards who do the bare minimum and get by with their talents for the most part but sooner or later it catches up.

And as they get older, they dont realize how they have to change their attitudes and their schedules. Richards finally realized it.

He said it himself. He was out of shape. Bad conditioning. The lockout is a bad excuse, but its the truth.

This time he is here to revamp his entire program. He went with his old teammate St. Louis to train with him in the summer and that he is relooking at how he treats his body starting with his diet. I am shocked in this day of age to hear any athlete NOW finally wanting to eat healthier and take the off-season more seriously but better late than never.

I guarantee you that just by this change alone, Richards will be an improved player.

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