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Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law View Post
What a load of crap. This idea is beyond stupid and one of the main reasons we've been the joke of hockey for 3 years. You don't see team's like Pittsburgh, LA, Chicago, and Boston going for "positive reinforcement with player relations". That's because they're focused on winning games and trying to ice the most competitive roster possible, not giving legacy players like Glen Murray or Rob Blake warm fuzzies. The Oilers have been plagued by nepotism and lack of accountability, and judging by certain offseason moves *cough*Will Acton*cough*, this still runs rampant throughout the organization. You don't keep players around just because they've paid their dues and you want to repay them. They've already been given their paycheck, and instead you should say "see ya".

If the Ottawa Senators can toss Daniel Alfredsson to the curb, a player who is and was a vastly superior player to Smyth and did far more for their city and organization than Smyth could ever dream of, we can put down Old Smytty. Hockey is a business, and as such should be treated as one. We need to get rid of negative assets and exchange assets that are no longer useful to us for assets that are, not hold onto them until their value deteriorates to nothing. The Calgary Flames, the current joke of the league, were forced into their current predicament because of their attachment to legacy players and delusions of past success translating to current success. We should've traded players like Hemsky years ago when we could've actually gotten a good return, instead Tambo decided to hold onto him for sentimental reasons and now we can't even give him away. It works for teams like Detroit because the guys they're holding onto are effective hockey players giving them hometown discounts. The Oilers on the other hand, give Ales Hemsky 5 million and Ryan Smyth 2.5 million. Until the guys in the front office grow a pair and learn to identify and immediately cut ties with those who don't give us a higher chance of winning hockey games, we'll never be a contender.

If we want positive presences in the locker room, go after guys that bring those intangibles while maintaining a high level of play like Andrew Ference. MacT looks like he has a much clearer vision of what needs to be done than Tambo ever did, and hopefully he'll continue along this path and make similar moves.

Horcoff isn't exactly the greatest player on Earth either.
There are many situations where teams pay for overaged players for locker room power more than on ice usefulness.

You can actually look at the Stanley cup champs the bruins who brought in a very under performing Recchi. If you think they brought Recchi in primarily for his wheels and skills your delusional.

Now Reechi was still playing better than Smyth is now but Smyth still has one year left on his contract.

I don't know how that works. Do they have to bury him in the minors to force him to retire?


Smyth didn't play omfg horrible last year. He had good moments and bad moments and overall has clearly lost a step. I would still say Smyth performed wonderfully in comparison to Whitney. Not far off of Horcoff and still people are saying we made a mistake letting him go. And compared to even a young guy like Harti, Smyths play was, unbelieveable but true, better.

With our bottom 6 the way it is, really there is no significant loss by playing him under the right circumstances.

If we had a clear cut better player for our 13th forward I would think you would have more of a compelling argument.

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