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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The NHL benefits from a game played in the middle of the night or in the early morning at the Olympics?

In 1998, Canada lost in a shootout to the Czech Republic. Nagano, Japan. How many people saw that game? It was played in the middle of the night here.

In 2006,Sweden won the gold medal in Torino. The game was played in the middle of the morning on the east coast.

The NHL isn't based in Europe. Those players play in the NHL.
I have basically seen all the Olympic finals - regardless of where I have been at the moment. Since birth.

In this order:
1964 Innsbruck (Presumably in Stockholm - 1 year old)
1968 Grenoble (Presumably in New York City - 5 years old)
1972 Sapporo (In Chicago - 9 years old)
1976 Innsbruck (In Chicago - 13 years old)
1980 Lake Placid (In Stockholm - 17 years old)
1984 Sarajevo (In Karlstad, Sweden - 21 years old in the army with Ulf Samuelsson...)
1988 Calgary (In Key West - 25 years old)
1992 Albertville (In Stockholm - 29 years old)
1994 Lillehammer (In Chicago - 31 years old)
1998 Nagano (In Stockholm - 35 years old)
2002 Salt Lake City (In Göteborg, Sweden - 39 years old)
2006 Turin (In Stockholm - 44 years old)
2010 Vancouver (In Iceland/Stockholm - 48 years old)

Some fantastic hockey and immemorable games - although I presumably missed the first two ones of my life (Dad was watching though!).

I gotta ask - is it the results of the 2 Olympics played outside North America you NA guys are dissatisfied with (since playing outside North America has yet to have provided a North American gold medalist in "real" Olympic competition) or the playing times? North American teams have yet to get even one medal outside of North American ice in "real" Olympics with NHL players participating.

Year Games Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Nagano Czech Republic (CZE) Russia (RUS) Finland (FIN)
2002 Salt Lake City Canada (CAN) United States (USA) Russia (RUS)
2006 Turin Sweden (SWE) Finland (FIN) Czech Republic (CZE)
2010 Vancouver Canada (CAN) United States (USA) Finland (FIN)
2014 Sochi??????
2018 S Korea* ??????
* NHL participation uncertain as of now...

I think the NHL participating at The Winter Olympics, in Sochi & onward, is a key for the growth of the sport hockey. And that the positives outweigh the negatives here for both the league and the sport.

Baseball and American football are basically sports created and played for the North American market (Japan being an exception) and therefore do not get the high exposure that they do at home by the world media. Hockey is not quite the global sport that soccer or basketball is, and the main reason why is because of the up-and-down popularity of the NHL (the 2 recent lockouts not being much help either).

The only way for the game to in the best way grow is IMO if the best players play it on the world stage, ie The Olympics. The NHL (still) has the best players in the world and yet is sometimes an afterthought when it comes to American sports. It's important that NHL players compete in the Winter Olympics because they are the best players in the game, it will help grow the popularity of the sport everywhere, and it makes the games on a whole in the NHL more exciting to watch. There are even some people that advocate the NHL moving to Europe in the future, a move that I would not see as positive or with great chances to succeed on a competitive nor an economic level.

If NHL players aren't playing in the Olympics, the games won´t be as exciting to watch. Canada's 3-2 overtime victory over the USA to win the gold in 2010 shattered records for hockey viewership. The gold-medal game was the most watched hockey game since the year Team USA beat Finland to complete the "Miracle on Ice." It drew 34.8 million people to their televisions to watch that classic matchup. Which then happened to be on North American ice. Think about that number!

I can get the gripe about the playing times but then again - The world happens to be a bit bigger than the North American continent and hockey is a world sport. Sometimes I sadly think people from North America tend to forget that... The business part is hardly an issue as this has de facto been decided by shrewd businessmen (owners) and players alike...

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