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Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
So comparing players league wide is thin but comparing players using a stat that ranks them by as little as a 4 point difference over the course of a season is solid?
I get your point that the difference in points is small in absolute numbers in a single season. But it adds up in a long term perspective because the difference in percentage is quite big, so from a team building perspective I still think that it holds up.

But I think we are talking past each other regarding the other point, because I don't even understand what you mean with the first part of the sentence.

I'll illustrate what I mean in a very simplified way.

We separate 1st liners from 2nd liners and then we divide each category into three segments: good, average, and subpar.

That means:

1-30 good 1st liner
31-60 average 1st liner
61-90 subpar 1st liner
91-120 good 2nd liner
121-150 average 2nd liner
151-180 subpar 2nd liner

And you can get away with one or two guys in the lowest category or even below, but then you need to compensate with more guys in the top categories to actually have a good top-6.

But all I was saying from the beginning was you shouldn't be thinking "how can I adapt this team to support Callahan's offence", you should be focusing on Nash's, Stepan's, Richards' or Hagelin's, because they are more reliable scorers.

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