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08-26-2013, 05:32 PM
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Well, Sathers reconsidering the coaching position after the players interviews isn't something that's pinned on either parties. Many of the players collectively were not high on Tortorella coaching and neither was Glen. Had glen not acted on the opinions and wills of the players and figured out that the majority of players wanted a coaching change, we would be heading into this year with disgruntled players. I believe Glen and his demeanor when he had no player dare to explicitly state that they wanted Torts gone. That doesn't mean Glen didn't know that from the player interviews. The approach has been to pin it on Henrik having more say than than anyone else in the franchise, or players called out Torts etc. and now Richards being a culprit behind the Torts decision. If I were Glen listening to the obvious disgruntled opinions of the players on the teams future and the past year, I would be swayed too and rightfully so. There is no culprit. People are just angry that Beaver is still on the team and we don't have $6.6M to work with. Richards has always been one to tell the truth when he could elect to shut up. It was a bad season where he was out of shape, mentally lagging, and had a difficult relationship with the coach. As much as it was a part of our losing team, I personally don't find it a great enough of a sin to hold it against him after the off season. I'd be a lot more concerned if Glen didn't pick up on the players thoughts on coaching.

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