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08-26-2013, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Only this isn't Toronto or Milanovich or an experienced saavy QB like Ricky Ray. Reed needs to recognize what he has and use the safest way for his rookie QB and team to be successful. Throwing the house at the run means there also can be some over-runs and missed gaps, resulting in an easy touchdown. Anyone knows that a run is less treacherous than a pass, and with only 2 yards to paydirt and 3 chances to do it, it isn't rocket science.
You must not be watching many games.

Teams are getting stuffed at the goal line left right and center. Always have. Even 2-3 plays in a row. Going straight up the gut there against a stacked D with everybody on the line is straight up stupid. On a 55yd wide field with 20yd deep endzones any of the OTHER options are imminently preferable. Smart teams generally figuring this out."

Interesting. Because I could swear on most short yardage plays, teams send in their "heavy packages" to do what you say is "stupid". Or maybe you and I aren't watching the same things?

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