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08-26-2013, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by bigbuffalo313 View Post
Why is Girardi still in this
I don't know if you wanted a serious response or not from a Girardi voter; but here is my opinion (on what was a very close call):

- It speaks to how good (or decent depending upon your perspective) the remaining players are; isn't really saying he is bad. Just that the remaining players have more value to the team.

- Girardi is massively underrated on these boards. Seems to me that defensive defensemen typically end up getting underrated in most discussions - but that is a different conversation.

- If either were suddenly no longer on the team, I think it'd be harder to replace G-man than Cally (and by "replace" I don't mean find an exact replacement in terms of the type of player, but more "fill the hole"). The defense gets markedly worse without Girardi and I don't see many viable options to replace him. Depth certainly becomes an issue without the captain, but if that hole was there, I think it is more easily filled with stopgap measures or otherwise.

- IMO, based on how things seem to be going, it seems like Nash and Step will both be rated just slightly too high.

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