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Originally Posted by Tyrolean View Post
In any business it is normal to recruit people you are familiar with. This means often friends of acquaintances. The trick it to get the ones that are of high quality.

usually people hire people they know rather than not know. It is not necessarily nepotism and favoritism.
That's the thing, the types of players the Oilers have is clearly nepotism/cronyism/favouritism. In terms of skill and on ice performance, Smyth belongs nowhere near a starting NHL lineup. According to MacT, AHL 4th line center Will Acton will get a long look for an NHL roster spot because daddy got hired as an assistant coach. At least we finally got rid of Horcoff.

Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
There are many situations where teams pay for overaged players for locker room power more than on ice usefulness.

You can actually look at the Stanley cup champs the bruins who brought in a very under performing Recchi. If you think they brought Recchi in primarily for his wheels and skills your delusional.

Now Reechi was still playing better than Smyth is now but Smyth still has one year left on his contract.

I don't know how that works. Do they have to bury him in the minors to force him to retire?


Smyth didn't play omfg horrible last year. He had good moments and bad moments and overall has clearly lost a step. I would still say Smyth performed wonderfully in comparison to Whitney. Not far off of Horcoff and still people are saying we made a mistake letting him go. And compared to even a young guy like Harti, Smyths play was, unbelieveable but true, better.

With our bottom 6 the way it is, really there is no significant loss by playing him under the right circumstances.

If we had a clear cut better player for our 13th forward I would think you would have more of a compelling argument.
No there isn't, not a single successful team in the NHL does that. They bring in players that make a positive contribution both on and off the ice. Even if they're brought in moreso for "intangibles", they're still consciously used to fill a hole. Ryan Smyth does not fill any needs on this team. In fact, he was so useless that the team played him at center in hopes that the alchemists could transmute junk to gold and Smyth would somehow carve out a niche. Which of course, he failed to do.

Mark Recchi had a 1 million per season whopper of a contract in his cup winning year while scoring nearly 50 points. If that's underperforming, then players like Tavares and Hall should have their millstone contracts bought out immediately. The Recchi/Smyth comparison makes no sense whatsoever because Recchi was making and impact both on and off the ice.

And I'm not sure what games you watched, but Smyth was easily the worst player on the ice on most nights. He'd kill the transition game due to his inability to keep up with the play and couldn't get the puck into the offensive zone if his life depended on it. If by some miracle the Oilers managed to complete a zone entry with Smyth on the ice, he'd kill any potential offence by either going for a 50mph clapper with a wide open teammate who had an open shooting lane, or going for a weak wraparound with two defenders around the net and the goalie positioned perfectly. At least a guy like Hartikainen knew when to pass or dump in the puck and could drive the net and create havoc in front at the right time. His giveaways per minute was frighteningly high, and if it were a stat, he'd easily be the team's leader in "selfish unnecessary minor penalties". Hell, the only player who had more minor penalties was Smid, and a lot of those were hooking/holding calls that prevented an odd man rush/breakaway. Smyth also brings no physicality whatsoever, considering how Boyd Gordon and Ales Hemsky are currently featured in our bottom 6, the rest of the players pretty much have to be physical. Joensuu, Eager, and Brown are all better fits at this point.

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