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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
I have no idea how I ended up on the defending Smyth side of this argument.

I have always thought Smyth as over hyped in Edmonton.

Hell the guy has always been a poor skater, shooter, and passer... Not exactly the kind of guy that should be on your top line. I know he has had great success with his grit and heart but he really was played in a position far above his skill set in Edmonton.

On Smyth at the moment tho.

He is a vet. Heart and Soul Edmonton guy. His play last year was not good but I would also say that people on these boards are greatly exaggerating how bad he did play last year.

He should be able to play out his final year here in a very limited role. Having this guy in our dressing room should be an asset.

The only problem I see is if he continues to pretend he can still play this game at a high level.

He should be splitting time with Brown for the 13th forward and mainly be a locker room presence.

Have him play 41 gameish with only 5-10 min of ice time and let him sail into the sunset an Oiler.

It is a very classy thing to do. The organization needs some positive reinforcement with player relations.

And having Smyth play that kind of role will not hurt this teams chances to make the playoffs even slightly unless he has taken even a bigger step down from last year.
The idea that Ryan Smyth had success in spite of talent is a gross exaggeration IMO. He certainly never had a great shot but he was one of the premier power forwards in the NHL for close to 10 years. He made 3 best on best Team Canada's and was in conversation for making a 4th. He was a solid passer and an excellent offensive player close to the net, he was also a beast on loose pucks. This was always complimented with a quality defensive game. Smyth was never overrated for his skill, perhaps overloved, and i'd even argue his skill was underrated. People loved to believe it was all heart, but really the skill was a big part of the package too. He could win an unusual amount of battles down low and was very good at finding loose pucks to pass or tap in the net.

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