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08-27-2013, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by skorf View Post
I don't see 5 defense as being locks right now

My picks for Locks
Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, Bergeron, Staal, Nash, St. Louis
Weber, Keith, Doughty
You can not see it, still makes it the most logical thing to do. Luongo's too much of a headcase to "guarantee" a spot right now. St. Louis isn't even at this camp is he? Bergeron, if he stays healthy, Nash is overrated. And if you're going to "guarantee" another center a spot, Tavares is just better.

-I think almost everyone would pick Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, Weber, and Keith as locks so I won't argue for any of them.
Yeah, those ones are in stone.
-Bergeron because right now he's overrated in the hockey world... but just like last Olympics, they want him for PK/faceoffs/defense, and really there wouldn't be any other better options then him out there for those roles.
You don't need to "lock" a bottom-6 forward, especially one who may not be healthy. Remember he's not exactly the healthiest over a full season.

-Staal, he's been to 2 Olympics already I believe, 6th in the NHL in points last year, hockey Canada loves the guy, I'd argue that he isn't much better then a lot of the other guys that are not locks and I personally question if he should be on the team if he has a weak start to next season, but they like him enough that he will be there.
Iginla has been on a couple Olympic teams....and it doesn't mean much. Taraves is better, so is Getzlaf

-Nash, kind of like Staal, they love him even if the numbers aren't there all the time, he's been thrust on the first line numerous times because of his size and skill, there's no reason to expect anything else this year. Even if he underwhelms this year, he could be a good winger for bergeron on a checking line
Checking winger? Really? Ugh, the Rick Nash myth grows. I think he'll make it based on the fact that everyone thinks he's alot better at everything then he actually is. If you're going to guarantee a winger, Corey Perry makes much more sense, Perry is a better 2-way player as well.

-St. Louis, Yzerman is a key component of the selection and his GM, st. louis won the art ross last year, a big ice surface suits his game well, he has the chemistry with stamkos, he's the veteran presence (they always seem to have a guy in his later 30's on the team), and really he deserves to be on the team
He's Very old, and I don't know that he's even at this camp, so that doesn't help.

-Doughty, some people question if he'll make it, but he's solid enough defensively and has done enough in the past, that he will be on the team. He's one of the guys that Canada will rely upon for the next 2-3 Olympics... kind of like Eric Staal, even if others may be better options, they'll ride with him.
He's a lock, you don't have to justify it.

-Loungo, he was the goalie when they won gold 4 years ago, and he will be the only goalie with any Olympic experience (unless you want to bring in Brodeur or Fleury though I don't think Fleury has seen any action in net), so experience alone he grabs one of the 3 spots (plus it's not like we have a ton of other options either)
He's been far from mentally stable, so who knows how the "return" to Vancouver will affect him. I think he'll make the team, but with the way Canada's goaltending is, I don't name ANY of them as locks, figure the goaltenders out as the season progresses.
Kris Letang could easily get the Mike Green treatment. Be one of the best if not the best offensive defenseman in the NHL but be left off the team because of their D zone coverage.
If that's the case, that's stupid, really really really STUPID. If you put Bouwmeester or Hamhuis on the team instead of Letang, that's REALLY STUPID.

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