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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
The idea that Ryan Smyth had success in spite of talent is a gross exaggeration IMO. He certainly never had a great shot but he was one of the premier power forwards in the NHL for close to 10 years. He made 3 best on best Team Canada's and was in conversation for making a 4th. He was a solid passer and an excellent offensive player close to the net, he was also a beast on loose pucks. This was always complimented with a quality defensive game. Smyth was never overrated for his skill, perhaps overloved, and i'd even argue his skill was underrated. People loved to believe it was all heart, but really the skill was a big part of the package too. He could win an unusual amount of battles down low and was very good at finding loose pucks to pass or tap in the net.
You definition of a power forward and mine are completely different. I have never heard that term used for Ryan Smyth. Gritty, hell yes, power forward, roflmao. That's terrible. Shanahan, Lucic, and Bertuzzi are examples of premier power forwards.

Ryan Smyth at his peak:

Amazing hand eye/Tipping.
Amazing at getting to lose pucks and rebounds.
Amazing heart, soul, and grit.
A below average NHL shot.
Below average NHL skating.
Below average passing. He was a puck carrier or in front of the net. Don't know where you got playmaker from Ryan Smyth. Play makers generally don't score as much or more than they get assists.

Average NHL nickname: The garbage man. Cause every goal this guy scored was pure trash. Well earned but you could count his top corners on one hand... If he even has any that is.

Ryan Smyth played great for the Oilers. Is a great player. But please, don't confuse his success with "traditional" talent.

I seen Smyth score with his @$$... Literally. Not a lot of talent on that. Right place right time and a ton of grit and heart to get to those places.

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