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08-27-2013, 11:22 AM
Anybody get 2 U yet?
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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
If you won 10 championships in a row and won every scoring title by 30 points, you would still be a beer leaguer.

What matters is the competition within yourself, during the competition. When the game is over, it is over.

It's beer league. You have to PAY to play, not the other way around.
Play the game with a smile, have a beer when it's over, and chill the eff out.

If you seriously need advice in how to enjoy beer league hockey, then you should probably just quit.
I don't know what options there are in the U.S., but in Canada, we have Senior-A. It's serious hockey for people that can't seem to give up competitive hockey.
The best Senior clubs play for the Alan Cup at the end of the year.
Maybe find a league like that.

But if you're not interested in that, then you need to sit out for a while and truly learn to love the game.
You're not Sidney Crosby or Jonathan Toews. You're a beer-leaguer like 99.999999% of the hockey players in the world. Stop taking it so seriously.

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