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08-27-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
It'd be poetic justice if AV is even harder on them.
You're entitled to your own opinion, just gotta say it's painfully ignorant.

You honestly think the entire roster is comprised of babies who cried to Sather because the big meany yelled at them?

Pretty miraculous that Sather was able to construct a roster comprised of 20+ mentally weak sissy men.

Which kind of goes against everything we've heard about this squad, even from Torts. By all accounts they have enough intestinal fortitude to overcome some adversity.

Now the coach who is a well known ass is the victim, because he definitely respected his players and was never out of line? Poor guy being vilified by a bunch of cowards.

Everyone who deserves respect needs to earn it, Torts demanded it. You don't get far in any situation where you demand respect but are hesitant to give it in return. I had a boss like that once, and after awhile it started to irritate me, naturally I kept my mouth shut until he made a female co-worker cry by being an over bearing narcissist. At which point I have him a piece of my mind, afterwards our relationship was much better and a lot of his snarl was gone. Point being, it's generally just an act, it works for awhile until people figure out it's just an act. Trust me I'd know I used to do it, until I realized you get better results by giving people a chance to succeed before running them down.

You could tell by the 2nd month of the season that there was a divide in the room, and that the team wasn't going to play like they had the year before. Plenty of time for Torts to find a solution and make a change which he didn't. When guys like Girardi and Callahan aren't paying the way the coach wants you know something is wrong, those are two players who don't make a lot of excuses and generally give it their all regardless of how big of an ass the guy behind the bench is.

They got into the playoffs because they didn't want to embarrass themselves, beat the Caps out of pride before inevitably giving the coach a big F you by not playing his game anymore.

Fact of the matter is you reap what you sow, and Torts isn't smart enough to understand that you can't demand respect, and acts dumbfounded when people get fed up with his charades.

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